Washington Capitals vs Pittsburgh Penguins: Things Get Personal

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The Washington Capitals fall to the Pittsburgh Penguins with a final score of 3-1. The series now stands tied at two a piece for each team.

The Penguins are making their home stand against the Capitals in a game that was chippy from the beginning. This following Tom Wilson of the Capital’s being hit with a three game suspension with his hit on Zach Aston of the Penguins.

The hit from Tom Wilson resulted in a broken jaw and a concussion for Zach Aston; Zach will miss the remainder of the season due to his injuries.

Tom Wilson is also, according to the NHL, a repeat offender.

Wilson has been known throughout the regular season to lay out opposing players with brutal hits across the center.

The reputation attained for Tom Wilson is not unwarranted. Throughout his career, he has shown a penchant to devastate any player his destructive focus is on.

The series continues.

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