Monster Hunter World: Kulve Taroth Event

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The Golden Empress

Monster Hunter World is a gift that keeps on giving. On April 19th, a new monster was added with its own unique quest. This time we shall talk about Kulve Taroth and her respective hunt, Siege mode.

The Siege of El Dorado

Before you can fight this magnificent beast, you’ll first have to find traces of her in the new world. Don’t worry, all you need to do is follow the gold. (Seriously, that is all you need to find). Once you find it, you’ll unlock her hunt after talking to an NPC back at headquarters. A few things must be noted before you can take part in this quest.

  • You must be hunter rank 16 before you can begin the special hunt
  • You cannot use an SOS flare to ask hunters to aid you in the middle of a quest
  • This hunt was made for a MULTIPLAYER LOBBY. You can try this hunt solo, but its gonna be like pulling monster teeth.

Once you found a nice party, then you’re ready to begin this special hunt. The siege mode is pretty unique in that, the progress of the hunt and the rewards is shared between all hunters in a lobby. The goal of this hunt isn’t to slay the beast itself, but to BREAK OFF HER HORNS FROM HER PRETTY HEAD. However, before you can do that, you got to chip away at her other body parts first. Since Kulve Taroth is an elder dragon, any manner of capture items will not affect her.

The special property of a siege is both the pursuit level and the reward level. As you fight this elder dragon, both your pursuit level and your reward level will increase. The higher the pursuit level, the longer she will stay for the siege, and the easier it will be to break pieces off of her. Also, a higher reward level means better items you’ll receive.

If you don’t defeat her on your first try, no worries. Other groups who joined the siege lobby will contribute to your overall progress, making the next encounter easier.

Let the siege begin!

Four Stages of Fight

The fight is broken into 4 stages. In the first stage, the dragon simply wanders around in the cavern. This is your chance to deal as much damage to her; she ignore you for the most part, but once she’s had enough, she’ll move on to stage two.

The second stage is a single, spacious, underground area with lots of wedge beetles. You can use them to avoid some of her attacks and/or try to get a mount. She will be slightly more aggressive here, so be prepared for a fight. Once she’s had enough, she’ll move on to the third stage.

The third stage hellish, molten arena where things will ‘heat up’. There are two lava spouts and overhanging rocks to help you knock off her golden mantle. If you fail to do so, she will leave the area and you’ll have to try again. If you do succeed, then its time to move on to the last stage.

THIS IS IT. THE FINAL SHOWDOWN. Beneath her gold exterior lies a proud beast. She will be faster, stronger, and use her molten breath in a much more dangerous fashion. Sleep bombing and paralysis is recommended as Kulve Taroth will be moving to erratically, making attacks aimed at the horns difficult. Keep a cool head, play it safe, and you’ll dislodge those horns in no time!