Cleveland vs Indiana NBA Playoffs: Indiana draws first blood

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Indiana Pacers showed no fear in facing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the opening round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Lebron James faced a multitude of defenders switching and harassing him as he tried to get any facet of his calm and collected game going.

Indiana showed a rotating defense against Lebron James with a collective unit of bigs that clogged the paint and forced Lebron into very difficult inside shots.

Either that, or Lebron was forced to make hurried forced jumpers or tried to feed his teammates in dangerous areas. Indiana’s defense was suffocating as they switched endlessly. The third party help aside from Kevin Love (who provided stagnant inside numbers aside from his scoring which was lackluster) was non existent.

The best solo player in the NBA was forced to pass off to find a more efficient shot. Something that his game centers around. Indiana was able to find a counter to Lebron’s game by turning his asset to his vulnerability.

Victor Oladipo showed up huge for the Pacer’s, as they continuously pushed the pace on their early lead. Facing a heavy offensive push from the Cavaliers to try and make a comeback; the Pacer’s were able to hold their lead against the Cavaliers.

Game 2 of their series is on Wednesday, April 18th at 7:00 PM Eastern.

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