Monster Hunter World: Combat

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Let the Battles Begin!!

 Fighting ferocious beasts will consume ALOT of your time in Monster Hunter World. A hunter is only as good as their weapon, and you have a decent variety to choose from. Monster Hunter World features 14 unique weapons, each having their own play styles, strengths and weaknesses. Weapons also have different properties; some of them can break or sever parts of a monster, while others can knock it out. Note that different weapons have varying speeds when the weapon is drawn or unsheathed. The larger weapons will feel cumbersome while the lighter weapons will barely affect your mobility. Once a weapon has been drawn, you cannot dash or run unless you sheathe it. Understanding and mastering the mechanics of each weapon can be the difference between a successful hunt or crushing failure.

Know Thy Enemy

Knowing your target is also a crucial element; knowing their strengths and weaknesses can give you an overwhelming advantage in battle. Thankfully, the field guide that you receive from your handler records useful data every time you track or fight a monster. As you battle more monsters, you’ll uncover new information about their weaknesses, some of their habits or even rare materials!. The Scout flies are particularly useful in this regard. They provide a glowing yellow/green trail that will lead you to monster tracks, or even the creatures themselves. The more you learn about these beasties, the more you’ll know where to find them.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Terrible, Terrible Damage

Weapons have different types of damage categories: Physical also known as raw damage, elemental and status. The raw damage of a weapon will be represented as a number when described as “Attack” and is the primary damage dealt to a monster. Some weapons come with elemental properties which act as secondary damage to a monster. Elements are added to a weapons raw power so that monsters take bonus damage. Status effects inflict abnormal effects on a monster. The statuses are: Sleep, poison, paralysis, and blast.

Armor Thyself

You don’t wanna fight dragons and dinosaurs in your long johns (unless you’re into that sort of thing). Armor is an essential item for battle. Not only does armor allow you to take more punishment from monsters, but equipping an entire set made from the same materials might give you a special bonus. Not only does armor protect you during a fight, it also provides some fashion as well. Remember, the bigger and badder the monster, the better the armor!

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