Chef Gordon Ramsay: Did someone say Chicken?

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Is someone cooking? That pompous douche of the Avengers is showing people how to cook chicken? What an absolute farce. This is how chicken; the most delicious and versatile protein, is meant to be cooked.

Courtesy of Chef Gordon Ramsay. The personal chef to Bruce Wayne. Hint: He’s some dude without powers that fights crime. But he’s always ready to go the night after. How is this possible?

Chef Gordon Ramsay, the personal (definitely not fact) chef to Bruce Wayne shows us how.

Perhaps you like perfect fried chicken?

Does your heart desire Fried Chicken? I got you – Fictional Chef to Bruce Wayne (who is not Batman).

Or perhaps Chicken Breast with Marsala sauce that will blow your mind? Chicken Marsala from your grandmother’s house? Haha. Gordon Ramsay laughs at such a weak concoction.

Chef Gordon Ramsay, the personal fictional Chef to Bruce Wayne who is not Batman, shows us a delicious method to using Marsala Wine with chicken.

Chef Irvine can’t touch this.

Or perhaps something with a little heat will satiate your hunger after a nice workout. Chef Gordon Ramsay has got that covered too. You were foolish to think he did not.

Inspired by his multiple trips across South Eastern Asia, Chef Ramsay shows how to add a little bit of gorgeous heat to your chicken.

Chef Irvine has got nothing on Ramsay when it comes to chicken.

Please. Do not offend both Chef Gordon Ramsay and Chef Robert Irvine by not cooking your chicken to its appropriate temperature to avoid food borne illnesses like Salmonella.

Food poisoning is not awesome.


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