Rex Tillerson is Out

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Rex Tillerson is out as head of the state department. A department that still has more than half a dozen roles to be filled by appointments by Donald Trump and his Administration.

This latest firing and resignations follow a pattern of multiple cabinet and assistants to the President seemingly fleeing the administration. Whether through disapproval of the President, or disapproval of the President’s actions remains unclear.

Many pundits inside Washington D.C., have stated that Rex Tillerson’s conflicting views on many foreign affairs (including the Iran Nuclear deal) have cause him to be fired.

Rex Tillerson was fired over Twitter.

Rex Tillerson landed from an out-of country trip to read the tweet as soon as he landed. Tillerson has known to clash with President Trump, on multiple foreign policy issues. Rex Tillerson sided with multiple regional experts on the effectiveness of the Iran Nuclear deal; experts in the middle east region as well as experts of the military in the region, have gone on record saying the Iran Nuclear Deal is working.

Rex Tillerson has been cited in multiple stories where he calls Trump: “a fucking moron”, on July of 2017.

Mike Pompeo, CIA Chief, is expected to be nominated for Mr. Rex’s former position. Replacing Mr. Mike will be Gina Haspel as the new chief of the CIA.

Several Senators on both sides of the aisle have stated that they will heavily vet both candidates for their respective positions. Gina Haspel is well known in multiple circles as being the head of a secret prison located in Thailand.

A veteran clandestine agent, Gina Haspel oversaw the operations of the secret prison that routinely held prisoners labeled as terrorists. Several supporters have come out and said that she was simply following orders at the time (right after the 9/11 attacks), and performed admirably.

Gina Haspel seeks appointment as the new CIA Director, as the current head (appointed by Trump less than a year ago; Mike Pompeo) is nominated to replace Rex Tillerson to head the State Department.

Gina Haspel faces additional questions as she was the director of the secret prison that water boarded a suspected terrorist more than 4 dozen times.

Meanwhile, Mike Pompeo, who was only just recently appointed the CIA chief (when the Trump administration won the election with no prior history of being deeply involved with the US’s most covert organization), has been heavily criticized in the past for his outlandish statements. Statements that could be considered racist.

Mike Pompeo is widely seen as a man who can placate the widely varying stances provided to agencies from President Trump. He has also been very vocal against the Iran Nuclear deal, which he feels (as with his boss Trump) that it was too lenient on the government of Iran.

Mike Pompeo is also expected to meet heavy questions in the senate approval hearing with Gina Haspel.

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