Fortnite Coming to Mobile Devices *Updated*

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PC game sensation, and current leader in most viewed streams on Twitch.TV, is coming to mobile devices. Early adopters can sign up for early access on iOS, which begins on March 12th, 2018 (3/12/18).

*Update* Epic Games has released a really ambiguous statement on their own website. According to Epic Games:

We’re happy to announce today that in partnership with our friends at Microsoft, Fortnite will feature cross-play, cross-progression, and cross-purchase, between Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS and (in the next few months) Android.

Contrary to what may have been implied, Microsoft has long been a leading voice in supporting cross-platform play, connecting players across PC, mobile and all consoles. We’ve been working together with them over the last several months to make this possible, and will bring this functionality to Fortnite players on Xbox right along with other platforms.

With each new platform we support and every update we ship, we strive to bring Fortnite to more people, and make it easier to play together with friends. And, as always, cross-play is opt in.

Which was announced hours before this was posted by Epic Games:

In partnership with our friends at Sony, Fortnite Battle Royale will support Cross Play and Cross Progression between PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, iOS and eventually Android. This means players across devices can squad up with friends and play together.

What the hell? Original story follows:

The game is striving to bring console like graphics on mobile devices, with lightning quick interactions common to consoles and PCs.

However, the most exciting feature for many is that cross play between iOS and Android devices is a reality. While many developers and publishers stay away from cross platform online play, Epic Games seems to have embraced it.

Aside from trailers, there is little go on as to the performance of the game on their respective operating systems. But the promise sounds exciting.

Especially considering that Fortnite has been able to garner such a huge following due to the fact the game functions well. Its closest competitor (who came to the market first) in the genre, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, has been bleeding player counts. Players have been fed up with the original starter of the genre, as it continues to be unable to keep up with game bugs and enforcement against cheaters.

Fornite has been issuing continuing updates to their game, while adding polished features and new content for players to enjoy the game. Epic Games might have been able to unlock the strategy that has made Blizzard to maintain such a strong hold among their player base.

The potential for the future is clear, but the market will see if the execution of Epic Games’ strategy will be as clear as it seems on the PC market. Epic Games’ enters a deeply entrenched mobile market, that is heavily dominated by multiple companies.

The early access begins on iOS on March 12, 2018 (3/12/18), with the Android version coming soon after.

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