KGI Securities: Apple to Release Lower Priced Macbook Air Soon

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According to KGI Securities, who has had a history of being very accurate in accordance to Apple’s hardware releases (due to access to insiders in the supply chain for Apple): Apple will be releasing a cheaper edition of the Macbook Air.

Did Apple learn lessons from their run-away hit 2017 (Wi-Fi Only) iPad? Priced at a point that consumers need not worry about subsidized prices from carriers, Apple seems ready to push into to the lower priced hardware device category.

Aside from the 2017 iPad (not to be confused with the 2017 iPad Pro), iPad Mini 4, and iPhone SE; Apple has yet to issue a release into the lower priced tier on their laptop line. With increased confusion among consumers with the Macbook Pro, Macbook Pro Touch Bar, Macbook, and the Macbook Air; a move towards streamlining their lineup of laptops would be a welcome inclusion.

Many have been clamoring for Apple to eliminate the Macbook Air line of laptops in favor of the the Macbook line at a cheaper price point. While the raw power of the devices might be negligible for their target users; the Macbook line has blurred the line between processing speed versus retina screen for both its own line (powered by Intel Mobile processors) and their Macbook Air Line except for the very important bullet point of a beyond 1080p screen.

The Macbook is a retina screen featuring a resolution of 2304 x 1440.

The Macbook Air is a non-retina (not HD) screen featuring a resolution of 1440 x 900 .

When comparing screens, the second number of the resolution stats is most important. The Macbook offers a base resolution of 1440, against the Macbook Air’s 900. Yet the prices of both devices often confound consumers with Apple’s myraid of different builds of each respective device.

Intel M from Macbook, or the Intel i5 & i7 from the Macbook Air? The clock speeds are different, but both devices are powering not only different screen definitions, but different built-in GPUs (Graphic Processing Units).

Neither configuration is good for gaming.

Hopefully Apple steam-lines their laptop line-up to their 2015 days. In 2015 it was clear what each laptop from Apple was intended for; with the Macbook being an experimental release.

In 2018, that is not the case. With a clearer distinction from their three different laptop line-ups, Apple hopes to expand their market share of sold laptops from their 2017 numbers, which they currently lead all manufacturers of laptops.

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