Shape of Water Wins Best Picture

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Shape of Water by Guillermo del Toro wins both best picture and best director at the 2018 Academy Awards.

In total, the film has a total of three category wins.

As our article on Telescribble called it, Shape of Water has won a “plethora” of awards.

Many critics are hailing the victory for the film as a step forward in diversity for film prestige. Unfortunately, many forgot the film was not really all that great.

Come on.

The Oscars show, as pure entertainment, is horrific. Most people don’t even know half the films being presented with awards. Was last years mistake at the end of the show really a mistake? Or was it a simple attempt at garnering the eyes of the much coveted 18-35 age demographic by trying to go viral?

Was it just me, or are there more commercials than actual entertainment being derived from the Oscars ceremonial drivel? People complain about the NFL being more about replays and commercials than actual on-field action. Have these people watched a recent Academy Awards broadcast?

The Oscars is still going? Wake me up when it’s over.

Besides the near endless barrage of commercials, the pointless self-grandizing of the industry’s insiders (while the actual pioneers, like the special effect shot producers who are going belly up across the board) and the truly horrific entertainment value provided; Shape of Water is the film of the year?

/-/-/ SPOILER ALERT /-/-/

A fairy tale version of Water World with a female lead? Is it the best picture of the year cause there apparently is sex between two different species of humanoids?

But it isn’t? Cause she might be the same species as the male humanoid lead after all in the end? Gills? Remember Water World with Kevin Costner?

Film of the year, Shape of Water.


Detailed sarcastic analysis by our staff at Telescribble, who cannot be mistaken for film buffs, coming soon.

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