Noreaster Wrecks Havoc on North East of USA

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A powerful Noreaster has torn through the North East section of the USA. Bringing heavy winds gusting above hurricane levels (70+ mph), the damage rivals the likes of which European nations have seen over the fall in 2017.

Several states, including Maryland and Virginia have issued “State of Emergency” to gain federal aid in providing aid to residents of affected areas.

Storm Ophelia causing storm surges across Europe in 2017.

The powerful winds have brought down power lines across the Northeast sector, causing  millions of households across it to lose power. As local power companies spread out to try and restore power to residents, the heavy winds (sustained speeds of 40+ mph) limit their efforts.

The 2018 Noreaster storms force many residents of a Suitland, Maryland aparment complext to seek shelter elsewhere.

Falling trees have caused many injuries to populations driving or simply sleeping in their rooms. Property damage to residences have crossed the billion dollar mark.

Millions of homes all over the northeast corridor have lost power, with multiple local governments closing services in the wake of the storm’s heavy winds.

At least one person is thankful for the storms; Paul Manafort’s arraignment on charges in Virginia were post-poned due to the historic winds.

Paul Manafort’s arraignment of charges in Virginia were delayed due to the historic winds of a local Noreaster.

Thousands of families have been displaced from apartment buildings that have suffered critical damage from the storm in the mid Atlantic area alone.

Officials in local governments have advised residents with lost power that power may not be restored until the heavy winds have died down.


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